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Where to start? Let us help.

Your CV is often the first impression you are able to make on a potential employer so it is absolutely worthwhile spending time getting it right.  

The standard Curriculum Vitae follows a generic formula, this enables employers to quickly check how suitable you are for a vacancy.  You can keep it simple or get creative, but the key thing to remember is that all recruiters are busy, they want to see the most important / relevant information first. To help with this,  we have compiled an easy to modify template, which should assist you in getting started on your professional CV (see below).

Your CV or resume will follow you through your career as a constantly evolving document, so make sure you have a template that you can expand easily when you need to and remember, it is much easier to update your CV as your career progresses, rather than only when you are job hunting.

Your CV is vital to get the attention of a potential employer; this is your first opportunity to impress them with your work experience and skills. A simple CV layout keeps the information coherent and will contribute to the success of a candidate.

Always proof-read your CV, ideally get someone else to proof-read it for you. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors on your CV are not professional and can be easily avoided. 

There is no exact way to layout your CV, but keep it consistent and stick to main headings. Your CV can be as long as you need it to be, don't eliminate relevant information in favour of a shorter document. Simply remember to make the first page a great overview of your skills and experience. Equally, you should be honest and do not exaggerate or 'pad' your CV, just play to your strengths. 

Finally, once you have completed your Curriculum Vitae, make sure you are familiar with it, know it back to front and upside down. Employers expect applicants to match their CV when they walk through the door. 

Here is an example CV you can use:






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