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Here at we realise that looking for a job can be labour intensive, especially if you haven’t got a current CV. That’s why we have developed (and will continue to develop) more free services to help you to improve your chances of finding work, whilst saving you time and effort.

Please take a look around and spend a few moments reading through our advice and tips, to set you on the best path towards your next job.

CV Advice

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Unfortunately your CV can have as little as 10-15 seconds to impress some potential employers, it is therefore very important. Learn more about how to make the best impression with your CV here.

Covering Letter

Cover Letter Advice

Your covering letter is the first thing a recruiter will see, so it's essential that you introduce yourself and your CV in the best way possible. Although there's no such thing as the perfect letter, we've provided you with some advice on the basic structure.

CV Templates

CV Templates

CVs usually follow a generic formula, which enable employers to quickly check how suitable you are for a vacancy. We have compiled some easy to use templates, which can assist you chose an effective layout for your CV.

Cover letter Template

Covering Letter Template

A good cover letter explains why you, over all the other candidates, are worth taking the time to find out more about. Check out some of our free templates to get you of to the best start.

Interview Advice & Tips

Interview Advice and Tips

The key to feeling confident in your interview is to know everything you can about the company, product or services and potential future of the company. Learn more about how to prepare for your interview here.

Job Hunting Advice

Job Hunting Advice

Searching for a job using the internet is becoming increasingly popular, and the process is a lot simpler and easier to manage than people think. Take look here to gather some tips and advice to help find work.

Employee Rights

Employee Rights

As an employee you’re entitled to a range of rights, equally you’re obligated and encouraged to behave in certain ways just like an employer. Find out all you need to know from some trusted sources in this section.

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