Isle of Wight Council
Southern Housing

We’re one of the largest housing providers in the UK with over 77,000 homes across London, the South East, the Isle of Wight and the Midlands, giving over 167,000 people somewhere affordable to call their own. At Southern Housing we understand the difference safe, secure and affordable homes can make to people’s lives. Our vision is to create communities where everyone has a safe home in a place where they’re proud to live. We’re big and we’re local. Residents are at the heart of our services, and we use our size to influence positive change in the areas where we operate. Our values are at the HEART of what we do. As an employee, you will always be honest, working with integrity and respect. You will ensure you work in an efficient and responsive way. You will be accountable and will make effective decisions within your role. You will be professional and respectful and be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, you will be a trusted and respected team member.

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